Cairo – The agreement was signed in late April but is still pending parliamentary reviewSeven non-governmental organisations in Egypt signed a joint statement calling on Egypt to ratify the Paris climate agreement, before the 22nd conference of the parties (COP22).Egypt had signed the agreement already in late April during the ceremony in UN headquarters in New York but it needs to pass this agreement to the parliament in order to ratify and then become officially in effect. In December 2015, during the previous COP21 in Paris, UN member states agreed to keep the temperature rise well below 2 degrees Celsius by 2100. The agreement also binds signing countries to collaborate with developing countries in technology transfer and capacity building as well as fund. Each country then submitted Nationally Determined Contributions (NDC) towards reaching this goal.COP22 will be held in Marrakech, Morocco on 7 November bringing together world leaders once again to further discuss implementation mechanisms of the agreement and partnerships between countries.“Ratifying the agreement is required not only as part of the shared responsibility of countries but also for the many benefits it brings directly to Egypt,” the statement read.Egypt is one of the most vulnerable countries towards climate change effects. At least 18 people died and 72 others were injured during excessive floods in many governorates in Upper Egypt and Sinai. The floods wrecked havoc to many residents, demolished their houses and fractured highway road.This is not a precedent. Last winter in 2015, excessive rain floods had also damaged several villages in Alexandria and Behaira leaving dozens displaced and about 10 dead.According to the statement, Egypt could benefit a lot from being part of this agreement in order to advance its adaptation measures.The NGOs also called on Egypt to add more details to its NDC in order to benefit from the international cooperation mechanisms provided through the COP. “Climate change risks cannot be postponed,” they said. read more