There will be 10 new businesses in Norfolk County this summer.The Student Start Up Program of Norfolk County has awarded 11 young students from around the county a start-up grant to help them create their own summer job.The students accepted are Hannah Fuchs, Sarah Fuchs, Daphne Huyge, Danielle and Cameron Mantik, Alexis Miller-Cluckie, Ethan Moir, Madeline Mole, Emilie Mole, Tye Paulmert, and David Peters.The successful candidates were chosen by volunteers and members of the Tourism & Economic Development Advisory Board.A few of the business ideas include car cleaning, jewelry making, and selling firewood.Moir, who is going to be running Sir Moir Photography over the summer, is a student at Walsh Public School.“I took a couple good pictures and realized I could do it, I’ve enjoyed it since then,” said Moir. He plans on taking different types of photos, including portraits.The successful candidates are awarded $200 to get their business started, and will earn an extra $50 (up to $100) for each market place event they attend.Emilie will be making slime for stress management, while her sister, Madeline, will be making jewelry. Both girls are students at Port Rowan Public School and heard about the opportunity through presentations at school.“I make multiple different kinds of slimes, different textures, and also different stress relievers as well,” said Emilie. “I brought it to school one time and everyone said I made it really good, so I started making it more and more and eventually decided to sell it.”“I’m just interested in jewelry and engraving, and I found online glow-in-the-dark pendants I can make so I decided to do that kind of stuff,” said Madeline.Students submit a breakdown of their business at the end of the summer. If they attach a photo of themselves engaged in their business they are given an extra $100 for completing the program.The students need to be between Grade 6 and Grade 12, and must fill out an online application describing their business plans before a deadline to be [email protected] Brother and sister Cameron and Danielle Mantik are two of the 11 young entrepreneurs that received funding for their summer businesses. The pair will be selling local firewood near Deer Creek Conservation Area. Ward 6 (Port Dover area) Councillor Amy Martin presented the grants Tuesday on behalf of Norfolk County. Ashley Taylor / Simcoe Reformer read more