center_img One of the added benefits of the Nomad Kit, aside from the amazing fold-out peeler, is that both of the set’s knives can be used for purposes outside of cooking, such as sawing through small branches to create kindling or splicing lines for tie-downs. Both knives are designed and crafted with the same strength, and durability of every other Opinel product.At $85, some might pass off the Nomad Kit as being too costly for what it contains, but they would be wrong. Since Opinel’s knives are some of the sharpest, most long-lasting and functional pocket knives out there, the years of potential use a hiker or backpacker can get out the Nomad Kit will more than make up for the initial investment.To complement the knives of your Nomad Kit, consider investing in a great multi-tool to carry alongside for those moments when scissors, a screwdriver, or a nail file are necessary. The Official Knives of Flavortown: Guy Fieri Unsheathes New Knuckle Sandwich Knives The Best Cooking Gear for Car Camping and Backpackinglast_img read more