By Amine MechaalRabat – The National Foundation of Museums (FNM) in Morocco hosted a visit by the Director of the British Museum in London, Neil MacGregor, on Monday, April 13th in Rabat.During this unprecedented visit to Morocco, Mr. MacGregor visited the Mohammed VI Museum (MMVI) of Modern and Contemporary Art in Rabat, accompanied by Mehdi Qotbi, the president of FNM, and Abdelaziz El Idrissi, the director of MMVI. On this occasion, Mr. MacGregor had the chance to discover the modern, contemporary, and the temporary exhibition: “The Medieval Morocco: An Empire from Africa to Spain,” that was organized by FNM in partnership with the Louvre Museum in Paris.“It is a pleasure to visit lthe Mohammed VI museum of modern and contemporary art and discuss the possibilities of collaboration between our institutions,” Mr. MacGregor said. By sharing collections and creating opportunities for staff to learn from one another in the future we can better understand and display our world histories.”The visit was followed by a meeting, during which several avenues for collaboration were discussed; one of them was the possibility of co-organizing cultural events in both countries.“We believe it is necessary in these turbulent times to promote better understanding between peoples and cultures. For this it is necessary to introduce our respective cultures by establishing mutual loans of works in temporary exhibitions,” explained Mr. Qotbi.Great emphasis was also placed on the possibility of exchanging expertise between the two institutions, and establishing training programs in the field of museology in both countries. read more