A few alumni visit for spring break from top lef

first_img A few alumni visit for spring break. [from top left] Adam Nordfors managed the agriculture department for 4 years and now studies at ASU Arizona State University in Tempe. Kim Young Soo interned in construction, graphics and model restoration and now studies at AU, the University of Arizona in Tucson. Little Robert and Anisa lived at Arcosanti with their mother Yvonne Brooks from 2002 to early 2005. Yvonne worked in landscaping. [Photo & text: sa] This is where everyone comes together for news, for introduction of visitors and new ideas, for lost and found, show and tell, and general announcements for the day and week. [Photo & text: sa] March 20, 2006 Morning meeting happens at 11:45 am on every work-day. [Photo & text: sa] center_img This gigantic old parachute got wet during recent rain and snow. As it fills the north Vault during drying time, it’s many patches become visible. It echos with incredible history. [Photo & text: sa]last_img read more