first_imgCitroën officer with Loeb: “I had an important offer from Fiat, in which they paid me very well, to race with the Punto, but we decided that we had to go to the World Championship with a ‘world rally car’. We were lucky to find support from various sponsors, and we started to get podiums, which opened the doors of the official Citroën team, and halfway through the year we signed a contract with them. They were three very nice years together with Loeb, who was an idol for me, in what was Ferrari in rallies that That was an amazing time for me who had just come from town. I feel love and hate in quotes for Loeb, because I admire him a lot, but he has also left me without winning many races. “The beautiful stage of Mini: “Ogier came to Citroën and we went to Mini. I have a very good memory because it was like my second love. I entered as leader despite the fact that it was an English team and Meeke was there, and they gave me a lot of confidence. It was Prodrive, the same as Subaru, a very important team, but there was a lot of change from working with French to English, who were more artisans, but very competitive. I think we left a good image, because the Mini that is at the entrance of their facilities, and the one they take to the exhibitions it bears our number, 37, and the names of Sordo-Del Barrio. “Return to Citroën and first win: “Citroën was no longer the same when I returned. There was less budget and the car did not evolve the same. I won my first race, and I achieved good results, but for me it was not a good year. They took me away from Finland and then I won on my return in Germany. I went from being in the shit to winning. They say the second parts were never good. In fact, in 2013 I wanted to retire … and I’m still here. “Second youth at Hyundai. “I wanted to quit, but they called me from Hyundai and they offered me three or four tests and to help develop the car. I thought it was not wrong to keep running like this, a few races, I had fun and maintained a job. We have evolved a lot since then , because when I arrived they had huge ships, but everything was empty, with only two cars. Hyundai is now as if it were my home, and I have a very good relationship with everyone. The victory in Italy took a weight off me, and it was very beautiful and we needed the title of brands like eating and it was very important. Now I am 37 years old, my favorite number, which Bertelli took from me to run a race, and I have not been able to carry in the World Cup. As long as it is competitive, why do something else?”. He is 37 years confined. From your Andorran residence Dani Sordo reviews his life with AS, starting with the disease that prevented him from walking just when he started competing until now, which accumulates 168 participations in the World Cup (5th in the ranking), 2 wins and 46 podiums (more than Makinen or McRae). All a young veteran.The most inopportune disease: “From a very young age I used to go to the races with my father, and I started to like both the competition and preparing the car. I started running on a motorcycle, in karting, but always thinking of running in a car. At 16 I started mountain, and I was good at it, but I wanted to turn 18 to compete in rallies. A week after I got my license I ran a rally in Torrelavega and I won it. But just then I started to feel that I was losing strength in my legs, until the Doctors told me that I had Guillain Barré syndrome, a strange disease that had no clear cure. I was almost five months without being able to walk, and then at that moment, I had finally started to run. Luckily, overnight the morning improved and everything was arranged, just to run in Cóbreces and win on the street. “The youngest winner in Spain: “The RACC made a small team with Xevi Pons and me, who ran with my Mitsubishi prepared at home with my friends. It was a very beautiful time, which began with complications because the car broke down, my father was angry and Antonio Zanini watched us up close, but that culminated in my first appearances in the World Cup and victory at the Rally Cantabria at the age of 19, the youngest in the Spanish Championship. “Junior world champion and champion of Spain: “In 2004 we started racing with a Citroën from the Auto Gomas dealer, and they let me do the last two races at Nacional with the official car, and I won. That allowed us to go out to the Junior World Championship the following year thanks to Magda Salarich and the efforts of Carlos Sainz. We won there, and also the Nacional, and really that year, 2005, was the springboard. “last_img read more