first_imgSidi Ifni, Morocco- During “Lie Detector”, a Ukrainian television program aired in early November, an Israeli soldier, admitted that she shot some unknown Palestinians, including children, according to Maan News. Zakusilo, a Ukrainian Jewish woman who served in the Israeli army, has revealed that she had killed some Palestinians without being sure of the exact number.She also admitted training army dogs to attack Palestinian villages, in addition to conducting video surveillance in the occupied Palestinian territories. Palestinian mothers, Zakusilo underscored, are to blame for sending their children to be “suicide bombers”.“I am not proud of these acts, though“ Zakusilo said.When asked if she was “willing to go back to Israel and continue killing enemies”, she said “Yes”.But she said that she was afraid she would face trouble, particularly after revealing her barbarous acts, reported Ma’an News Agency.The former Israeli soldier pointed out that she hesitated to shoot Palestinians at first, but was convinced by the Israeli army and her fellow soldiers to shoot and defend Israel.“He tells you to go and shoot like this, so you go,“ Zakusilo said, referring to her commander.Commenting on the television program, Kopty, the Palestinian blogger, noted that she was shocked by Zausilo’s comments.Regarding the Israeli army’s barbarous exploitation of killers, the blogger explained, “the military does this to people- it disconnects them from their own humanity, and makes it so easy to kill people and do not even remember the number.”“The Israeli military will probably justify her actions“ she added.While an Israeli army spokeswoman could not confirm whether Zakusilo served in the Israeli army, Amnesty International’s reports say that Israeli soldiers are not usually held accountable for their crimes against Palestinian civilians.© Morocco World News. All Rights Reserved. This material may not be published, rewritten or or redistributedlast_img