first_imgNot too long ago we wrote about a Japanese giant mech you could own for $1 million. Few will ever be able to afford that, but we might be able to claw enough money together for a ride on Stompy, a giant six-legged robot that’s being funded by a Kickstarter project.He’s 18ft wide, 10ft tall, weighs 4,000 pounds, and resembles a mechanical spider with six legs. If you can’t imagine how big that is, he’s so tall and wide a car could drive underneath him. His name is Stompy and he’s being created by Project Hexapod, a team made up of three instructors, one teaching assistant, and fifteen students.The ultimate aim of the project besides building a rideable robot is to make building giant robots easier as well as encouraging more people to get involved in robotics.Stompy is a work in progress. Part of him has been built, but the team need more money for materials as it costs around $6,000 per leg to build. The Kickstarter is only asking for $65,000, and if the team gets over their target they upgrade Stompy further. If they get to $300,000 they say they’ll develop a zoo’s worth of rideable robots.When Stompy is finished he will be taken on tour to a number of trade shows so people who pledge can ride on him or even take control of Stompy. However, you’ll have to pay out quite a sum to do so. To ride Stompy you must pledge $300 or more, while driving him costs a minimum of $1,000.With 500+ backers, Stompy has earned over $33,000 at time of writing. Hopefully the pledge target will be reached as well as some extra on top for upgrades.More at KickStarterlast_img