first_imgHere’s a sad fact- you’re likely never going to be on Mars, not even if your name is Matt Damon. But people will travel there one day, and it’s all thanks to the work of one special robot. NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory has just released a game simply titled Mars Rover to celebrate their creation and its four years of exploration.Think of the game as a very, very slow Trials. The real Curiosity Rover itself moves at about a whopping two inches per second, so it’s all about safe, defensive driving. In the game you obviously move at a faster clip than that, but you control the Rover’s speed and can pitch it up and down to get over craters and hills. You’re awarded for being careful and scanning water deposits under the surface as you roam, a nod to the Mars 2020 rover, which will carry a tool called RIMFAX that utilizes radar to search for the all-important resource. So you’ll roll around, bouncing across the surface, but as soon as you break a wheel, you’re done- your poor little rover is stuck on an alien world, lost forever. However, you might earn a high score!NASA’s site has a few neat comparisons to show you how the real world is different than the game. A rover’s wheels can take punishment and keep going, for example, and they don’t control it in real time, instead programming a list of commands for it to follow once a day. Fortunately this video game adaptation isn’t completely accurate.You can enjoy a desktop version of Mars Rover, as well as a mobile version for iOS or Android through the Gamee app.last_img