first_imgStay on target One of the reasons Lego remains one of our favorite toy #brands is because the sheer creative freedom the plastic building blocks allow can actually lead to real, useful, Objectively Good results. Lego toys can provide more than just profit for Lego shareholders. Lego Education shows how Lego can improve your brain, and now here’s a heartwarming story of using Lego to improve your body.Check out this awesome Lego prosthetic arm!This Deus Ex-eque marvel was constructed by David Aguilar. A young Lego fanatic from Andora, Aguilar was born with a deformed right arm. Although he’s been able to perform many tasks throughout his life, including a starting a DJ side hustle as “Hand Solo,” only having one fully functioning arm obviously presents a lot of challenges.So Aguilar put his Lego skills to use building complex prosthetic arms not out of cutting-edge medical equipment but out of toys you could pick up at Target. Like Tony Stark, it took a few attempts over the course of nearly a decade to build the perfect piece of armor. The original models he built as a child simply weren’t strong enough. The fact that the design originally started as a boat also probably didn’t help its structural integrity.But as David grew older and more skilled, his Lego arms became more complex, incorporating advanced Lego Technic pieces and fishing cable and a battery-powered bicep. The very impressive current model he wears is strong enough to open doors and support push-ups while also allowing for finesse like gripping objects or doing elaborate friend handshakes.Like Iron Man, we hope David keeps tinkering with his designs until he inevitably makes a Lego arm capable of flying him to space. How will he get the money? Just sell the designs for this arm to Lego itself.Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey. The New Lego UCS Imperial Star Destroyer Is Nearly Four Feet LongLego Makes Building Sets Accessible to the Blind last_img