first_img <><> Star Wars Battlefront’s Death Star expansion hits in September, although Season Pass holders will get access to it two weeks early. Stay on target, folks. You might have been holding off on buying DLC for Star Wars Battlefront, but that’s likely to end now. At Gamescom, EA has detailed what the upcoming Death Star DLC will include, and it’s going to send fans accelerating to attack speed.The biggest and most welcome thing this brings is that Battlefront will finally take place in space! It’s something that fans have been sorely missing ever since Battlefront was brought back, a strange omission for the franchise, which you may or may not know is actually mostly set in space.But if you’re going to wait to go to space, it might as well be to destroy the Death Star. When the DLC was first announced most people assumed you would just be fighting inside it, but nope, your spaceships are finally free from the land. The Death Star level itself is actually part of a brand-new mode called Battle Station. This features three different phases, each with its own specific objective.In Phase 1 the Rebels will fly X-Wings and A-Wings against TIE fighters and TIE intercepters in a space battle. The Rebels will attempt to destroy enough of them to allow their Y-Wing fighters in to weaken the Star Destroyer’s defenses. Then you have to bring that big sucker down. Thankfully Empire players will have AI ships helping to defend it- they need to hold out for ten minutes in order to stop the rebellion.Phase 2 sees players fighting inside the station as expected. Rebels have to extract a droid from within, and here you will likely be able to play as Chewbacca for the first time. Empire players have their own new playable hero as well: the Trandoshan bounty hunter Bossk.Phase 3 is the big one. This is where everyone heads back into space and the Rebels try to fulfill their ultimate destiny by blowing up the Death Star. Besides the dozens of ships that will get destroyed in the process, Luke Skywalker can appear in his Red-5 X-Wing, and Darth Vader can show up in his custom TIE Advanced. Just hope that someone’s playing as Han if that happens…To keep players even more interested, the expansion will feature new Star Cards and Blasters.last_img