first_img200 participated in National Workshop for Education Officials of Seonghwa Youth and Students Unification Movement Japan: Under the slogan of VISION 2020 Second Generation Education through Revolution of Conscience and Great Victory over Foundation of 100,000 Youth!, the National Workshop for Education Officials of Seonghwa Youth and Students was held at the Il-shin Education Center, Urayasu, Chiba, from February 17th to 20th.This was the first workshop for education officials of youth and students since the Director of Youth and Students, Mr. Tomihiro Tanaka, took office of Vice President of Unification Church in Japan this January in response to God’s ardent desire for Second Generation and youth.The first half of the workshop from February 17th to 19th was held for directors of Seonghwa Youth Section, while the latter half from February 19th to 20th was for directors of Seonghwa Students Section. Nearly 200 education officials from all parts of Japan participated.At the opening ceremony, Vice President Tanaka claimed that we must have ‘crisis awareness’ in order to rightly acknowledge the crisis inside and outside of Japan as well as within the Unification Church. We need to become an organization in which we can hold serious talks with young people, think about the future and transform our consciousness.Vice President Tanaka explained about ‘revolution of conscience’, emphasizing the importance of becoming individuals who accept their ‘voice of conscience’ as something absolute. “Individuals who have gone through the revolution of conscience, absolutely obeying one’s conscience, must embrace people. The Unification Church must become an organization that develops through individual connections and bonds”, he said.Next, based on the four key words of the Department for Youth and Students, namely; connection, mission, leadership as well as social and international contribution, the objectives of the Department for 2015 were announced.Two newly-proposed approaches were: ‘Initiative for the establishment of Seonghwa College Students Section’ to accelerate education and mission for college students as well as ‘Empowerment of missions of youth with families (youth who have started out their families).’Some explanation was given on the significance of establishing a foundation of 100,000 youth by 2020. Its roadmap was also presented at the end of the opening ceremony.There were exchanges with CARP, presentation of Seonghwa Youth Section’s objectives for 2015, activity reports on Cheon Il Guk missionaries and Unification Church Peace Service Volunteer Team (UPeace).During the exchanges with CARP, chairman of CARP, Katsumichi Motoyama, commented on cooperation between the Department for Youth and Students and CARP. Then, the participants had exchanges according to CARP’s regional blocks.In presenting the Department’s policy for 2015, Director of the Seonghwa Youth Section of the Headquarters, Kunihiko Ogawara, explained that the core goals of 2015 is ‘Empowerment of individuals’ based on the roadmap for 2020, presenting the three major policies: To enhance Divine Principle education, To enhance missionizing to youth and students, and To promote social and international contribution.In the UPeace activity report, its presenter reported about the present situation of the affected areas and activities in Hiroshima where an earthquake caused major disasters last year. As a future direction, there was an explanation on the establishment of a national system where they can quickly respond to calls for service at times of disaster.On the second day, activity case reports were made by six churches. Kochi Church reported on its educational approach to develop heart; Okinawa Church on its foundation education; Hachioji Church on its education to lead Second Generation to practice missionizing; Yokohama Church on its activity for the settlement of culture; Kosei Church on its home group activities; Kagoshima Church on its college students’ group activity.This was followed by section meetings centering on each presenters. The participants not only learned about the external approach but were reminded that a secret to victory was the passion of the person in charge.On the third day, when all directors of the Seonghwa Students Section gathered, Vice President Tanaka gave a lecture on how factions occur from the perspective of Abel – Cain principle under the title of the Three Great Brands of the Unification Church and the Errors of Factions. He mentioned about True Mother’s heart, asserting that in order not to be caught by issues of factions, we must hold on to the three brands of the Unification Church, that is; True Parents, True Parents’ teachings (Divine Principle), Blessing. Finally, he called on to the participants by saying: “Our fourth brand is the substance. Let us become substances who aim to reach completion of love and unite with True Parents.”Then, Yasuaki Ito, Director of the Seonghwa Students Section of the Headquarters, gave an overview of the Seonghwa Students Section in 2014 and presented the objectives for 2015. He explained about the three main policies: To live a life of conscience and establish the identify as God’s children; To develop fraternal love and practice pure love, To improve academic capability and set career options. He also explained about the strategies to promote them.On the fourth day, there were a section meeting and planning of National Contest of Junghwa Cultures by regions. At the section meeting, the participants learned about the successful experiences of parishes taking imitative approaches in four areas such as Seonghwa Notebook Education in Gifu and North West Tokyo parishes, Youth Field Educators in North Aichi and South Osaka parishes, Parents’ Association in Okayama and North Nagano parishes, and learning in South Chiba and Nara parishes.Then, a new direction was presented for the National Contest of Junghwa Cultures, transmitting the culture of heart. The participants had discussions by region on how to make the program an opportunity for transmitting heavenly culture to relatives and schoolmates.Each region had the time to make plans of promoting the policies of the Seonghwa Students Section for 2015. At the closing ceremony, Vice President Tanaka gave seven requirements of a leader, revealing how to maintain right positions and to live a righteous life before True Parents.Participants’ Comments“When I think about the circumstances True Children had to go through and the position of True Parents who had no other alternatives, I hope the day will soon come when we can be proud of the Unification Church and the Unification Movement. The Second Generation is in the position to lead us from the front. I want to nurture Second Generation youth who could truly unite with True Parents.” (Director of Seonghwa Youth Section)“Vice President Tanaka’s lecture on the factions reminded me that our original point is True Parents and our final goal of education is to convey this truth to the members of the Youth Section and to rightfully nurture their views on True Parents.” (Director of Seonghwa Youth Section)last_img