‘Crape murder’

first_imgBy Mike IsbellUniversity of GeorgiaSome people call it pruning. Others call it “crape murder.”I know you’ve seen them — crape myrtle trees with their tops whacked off. Amputated — now that’s the way to describe it.It’s not limited to just crape myrtles, either. You’ll see it on pecan trees in people’s yards and on street trees in town, where it’s called “topping.”Trees should never be topped. It destroys the branching control and the natural shape of the tree. Topping trees makes them ugly. It can lead to structural problems in the tree, too.Many years ago, my father became concerned about the huge pecan trees towering over the home place and wanted them topped. I did a little research and found there was a much better way to prune the trees and to lower their height without topping them.Trees with crew cutsThe only problem was that the guy who showed up to do the job only knew to cut the tops out, even though I carefully explained to him what I wanted him to do. The result was five huge pecan trees with crew cuts. And bad ones at that.Now, back to the crape myrtles.Crape myrtles need pruning. If you do it right, your pruning will hardly be noticed. You certainly can’t say that if you just cut the tops out of them.I have a friend who, for years, would cut out the top of the crape myrtle near his walkway. Since a crape myrtle produces flower buds on new growth, it flowers best if it’s pruned each year. My friend’s tree flowered profusely each year, but the way it was pruned made it look like a big ball on a stick.This year he cut it down.Pruning crape myrtlesThe kind and amount of pruning you should do each year depends entirely on the plant shape and size desired. But you don’t have to make them look like big sticks growing out of the ground.On large, old crape myrtles, heavy pruning may not be needed, since the tree shape itself is the desirable feature.If your tree is growing too tall, then you planted the wrong one. Replace it with a smaller-growing tree — there are many to choose from. Then you won’t have to prune it to keep it small. Pruning a tree to reduce the height is going to be a maintenance battle.And you’ll never win.last_img read more


first_imgUniversity of GeorgiaIf you want to know more about goats or the milk or meat they produce, you should attend the eleventh annual Goat-a-Rama at the Washington County Farm Bureau Ag Center in Tennille, Ga., April 12. Admission is free. Door prizes will be awarded. The event includes a contest for the best dressed goats. Ways to cook Chevon, or goat meat, will be demonstrated. It’ll be served for lunch, too. Breeding stock will be available for sale or swap. For a donation, you could win a Kiko buck goat. These meat-goats have long, white hair and long, twisted horns. Educational programs will include topics such as herd management, small ruminant parasites, dairy goats and how to make goat feed. It’s sponsored by University of Georgia Cooperative Extension, Washington County Meat Goat Association, Washington County Farm Bureau, Sunbelt Goat Producers Cooperative and AgGeorgia Farm Credit. For more information, call (478) 552-2011. Or send an e-mail to info@goat-a-rama.com.last_img read more

Green Mountain Power proposes helping towns convert to efficient LED streetlights

first_imgGreen Mountain Power Corp,Green Mountain Power and Efficiency Vermont are partnering on an unprecedented effort to help every town in GMP service territory change over to more energy efficient Light Emitting Diode (LED) street lights.”Last year Green Mountain Power became one of only a handful of utilities in the country to offer an LED-specific rate to customers for outdoor lighting. This year we are taking it a step further by proposing to lower the rate and offer financial assistance to towns to change to LED lights,” said Mary Powell, president and chief executive officer of Green Mountain Power.With the support of Efficiency Vermont, Green Mountain Power expects to replace thousands of mercury vapor and high pressure sodium street lights with new energy-efficient LED street lights in towns throughout its service territory.Compared with existing mercury vapor bulbs, LED lights produce a comparable amount of light with an average 66 percent savings in energy use or watts. In addition, LEDs are extremely long-lasting. An LED lamp has a potential lifespan of up to 25 years, compared to 5-7 years for traditional street light lamps.”Helping towns across Vermont switch to LED lights is a very important way to reduce Vermont’s use of electricity,” said Jay Pilliod, Director of Business Energy Services of Efficiency Vermont, the state’s efficiency utility. “Towns are eager to participate and benefit from savings on their electric bill.”Green Mountain Power filed its proposed street light pilot program with the Vermont Public Service Board on February 28. Green Mountain Power has requested PSB approval to use $300,000 from the GMP Efficiency Fund to help towns in the transition. The Company will also file a new tariff for LED street lights that will lower the cost towns pay for leasing street lights.Green Mountain Power and Efficiency Vermont have been partners in energy efficiency since the creation of the GMP Efficiency Fund in 2008. Efficiency Vermont will implement this program as part of its portfolio of statewide energy efficiency efforts.”We’re pleased to have GMP as a partner in this program,” said Mr. Pilliod. “With our Step-By-Step Guide to Implementing an Outdoor LED Project, and enhanced technical assistance and financial rebates provided by Efficiency Vermont, towns have the tools they need for a successful transition.””This program supports our commitment to power that is low cost, low carbon and reliable,” said Ms. Powell. “Reducing energy consumption is an important part of this overall strategy that we have pursued for the past three years.”Towns switching to LED streetlights will reduce light pollution and glare while saving money and electricity. This is because LEDs can be more precisely directed to illuminate only the desired areas, such as streets, walkways and parking lots. Little or no wasted light escapes into the night sky, where it could have a disrupting impact on the natural environment. As towns served by GMP convert their streetlights to the new technology, Vermont will continue to be a leader in international efforts to preserve the night sky.If the tariff and program are approved by the Vermont Public Service Board, interested towns should contact Green Mountain Power at 1-888-835-4672 or Efficiency Vermont at 1-888-921-5990.About Green Mountain PowerGreen Mountain Power (www.greenmountainpower.com(link is external)) generates, transmits, distributes and sells electricity in the State of Vermont. It serves more than 175,000 people and businesses.About Efficiency VermontEfficiency Vermont (www.efficiencyvermont.com(link is external)) was created by the Vermont Legislature and the Vermont Public Service Board to help all Vermonters reduce energy costs, strengthen the economy, and protect Vermont’s environment. Efficiency Vermont is currently operated by Vermont Energy Investment Corporation (VEIC), an independent organization under contract to the Vermont Public Service Board. VEIC is a Vermont-based nonprofit organization founded in 1986.COLCHESTER, VT–(Marketwire – March 04, 2011) –last_img read more

Berger urges Cordray to delay HMDA rule

first_img continue reading » NAFCU President and CEO Dan Berger yesterday urged CFPB Director Richard Cordray to approve a one-year delay of the effective date of its 2015 Home Mortgage Disclosure Act rule.Berger emphasized the importance of giving credit unions more time to implement the new provisions, and he urged that the effective date be delayed to Jan. 1, 2019.“The Bureau’s pending proposal to ‘fix’ various issues within the HMDA Final Rule is a step in the right direction,” Berger wrote in a letter to Cordray. “Credit unions appreciate measures taken by regulators intended to correct errors and offer additional clarifications … That being said, no amount of 11th hour tinkering with technical amendments can offset the tremendous burden being hoisted upon credit unions and their vendors as a result of the Final Rule.”“As we continue to inch toward the fixed effective date, NAFCU has heard increasing levels of concern from credit unions and their vendors over preparations for the Final Rule,” Berger added. “In order to facilitate a smooth transition to the new HMDA requirements, it is critical that credit unions and their vendors are provided enough time to ensure they are adequately prepared before the ultimate effective date.” 12SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblrlast_img read more

Home heating innovation created in the Southern Tier, could it be the way of the future?

first_img“So what we did was literally take the wheels off of our car, that was operating on this engine, and move this into the basement. So, this new box could replace the home boiler,” says Founder and President of BRASH Engines Mike Brookman. “In our cycle, just like a steam engine, what we’re doing is burning that fuel very efficiently and using that hot working fluid to make responsible power,” says Brookman. This system still uses natural gas to start, but the heat from that fuel is then used to produce steam energy that can create power for the home it’s in. “In a big city sometimes that’s really hard to do, so that’s a nice niche thing that we can offer in a small community. The ultimate goal is to create jobs for not only people in the community but graduating students that want to stay in Binghamton,” says Director of Operations at the Koffman Incubator Laura Holmes.. BINGHAMTON (WBNG) — Inventors and scientists come up with ideas and test them to find a working solution. Mike knows how much the Southern Tier has aided his idea, and he hopes his home heating systems will soon be used area-wide in the future.center_img Mike Brookman did that with an energy-efficient engine idea he had, turning it into a home heating system. So, instead of needing fuels to run power plants that shuttle energy to homes, the energy can be created “in house” from a home’s heating system. This project is where it is because of local companies willing to work with BRASH Engines. “Here we are now with a complete design, it’s operating. We have the customer interest, we’re hoping for investor interest. But it’s all because we’re located here at the Koffman Incubator,” says Brookman.last_img read more

More Salmonella cases linked to dry pet food

first_img CDC. Update: Recall of dry dog and cat food products associated with human Salmonella Schwarzengrund infections—United States, 2008. MMWR 2008 Nov 7;57(44):1200-2 [Full text] Consumers and health departments should be aware that all dry pet food, pet treats, and pet supplements could be contaminated with pathogens such as Salmonella, the CDC said. People should wash their hands with water and soap for at least 20 seconds after handling these products, and especially before handling human food. Children under age 5 should not be allowed to touch or eat dry pet food. The continued emergence of cases linked to pet food from a Mars Petcare US facility in Everson, Pa., led the company to issue a nationwide recall in September and to announce on Oct 1 that the plant would be closed permanently, the report says. Canned pet food is unlikely to be tainted, as the manufacturing process should eliminate any bacterial contamination, the agency said. Nov 6, 2008 (CIDRAP News) – Salmonella infections associated with dry pet food from a plant in Pennsylvania have continued to crop up in recent months, prompting closure of the plant and concern that contaminated products may still be in use, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reported today. In May of this year, the CDC reported that 70 cases of infection with the outbreak strain had been identified in 19 states in 2006 and 2007, marking the first known human salmonellosis outbreak linked to dry pet food. Six of the eight patients’ households had pets (pet ownership status for the other two was not known), but none of the pets had been sick, the CDC reported. Three households used brands of pet food made at the Everson plant, but it could not be determined whether any of the food had actually come from that plant. Dog and cat foods made at the Everson plant were sold under many different brand names, including Pedigree, Country Acres, Members Mark, Ol’ Roy, Paws & Claws, Pet Pride, PMI Nutrition, Red Flannel, Retriever, and Wegman’s, according to Mars Petcare’s Sep 12 recall notice. The notice includes a large chart of the products included in the recall. In 2006 and 2007 the CDC, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and several state health departments found a series of S Schwarzengrund infections involving matching DNA fingerprints. In August 2007, after the FDA found the same strain in two Mars Petcare product samples, the company announced a recall of some products made at the Everson facility. The plant was closed for cleaning and renovation from July until mid-November of 2007. The CDC warned that the outbreak may not be over, since dry pet food has a shelf life of 1 year and contaminated products may still be in people’s homes. The agency also noted that Salmonella contamination has triggered at least 13 recalls involving pet products made in various facilities since 2006, though no human cases have been associated with products other than those from the Mars Petcare factory.center_img In August of this year, the FDA found the outbreak strain of Salmonella in “multiple brands” of products at the Everson plant. This prompted the company to announce on Sep 12 a recall of all dry dog and cat food products made at the plant from Feb 18 through Jul 29, amounting to more than 23,000 tons, according to the CDC. On Oct 1 the firm said the plant would be closed permanently. Many of the brands are national brands that are made at multiple factories, the company said. For brands other than Pedigree, products made at the Everson facility are identified by the number 17 as the first two digits of the production lot code, found on the back of the bag, just after the “best before” date. For Pedigree products, consumers should look for the letters “PAE” as the sixth, seventh, and eighth characters in the production code, found after the “best before” date, the company said. See also: May 16 CIDRAP News story “CDC warns of Salmonella risk from dry pet food” “The original source of contamination and mechanisms for continued contamination in the Everson plant over a 3-year period are unknown,” the article states. The FDA is working with the company on a continuing investigation. Eight more cases of infection with the outbreak strain of Salmonella enterica serotype Schwarzengrund, a fairly rare type, have been identified this year, raising the total to 79 cases since 2006, the CDC said today in the Nov 7 issue of Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report. Despite the recall and the plant cleanup, more cases involving the outbreak strain have been found since April of this year, with the latest one identified Sep 18, the CDC said. The eight cases included three in Pennsylvania, two in Georgia, two in New York, and one in Texas. Six of the patients were 2 years old or younger. One patient was hospitalized, but there were no deaths. Aug 28, 2007, CIDRAP News story “Outbreak strain of Salmonella found in dog food”last_img read more

PREMIUMOmnibus bill on job creation divides unions, faces criticism

first_imgLog in with your social account Linkedin omnibus-bill omnibus-law job-creation Jokowi Airlangga-Hartarto labor-union severance-payment sweetener Manpower-Ministry Topics : The government is set to reform the country’s labor regulations through a sweeping omnibus bill on job creation, in the face of workers’ objections and criticism from economists and businesspeople over several of the proposed bill’s provisions.According to a draft obtained by The Jakarta Post on Wednesday, the government-initiated bill will ease foreign-worker recruitment, cap redundancy payments for laid-off workers and provide a bonus, described by some as a “sweetener”, for employees.The government will also relax outsourcing requirements and open the possibility for outsourcing agencies to hire workers for various jobs, which can be for freelance or full-time work.It also introduces a new regional minimum wage that takes into account a region’s economic growth and allows labor-intensive industries to have a separate minimum-wage calcula… Facebook Google Forgot Password ? LOG INDon’t have an account? Register herelast_img read more

Rumpunch and Prejudice on again this weekend

first_img Tweet Share EntertainmentLocalNews Rumpunch and Prejudice on again this weekend by: – June 15, 2012 Share Sharing is caring!center_img Share 16 Views   no discussions This weekend Theatre Lovers have one more chance to see the story of Raglan Riviere’s novel Rum Punch and Prejudice as it unfolds at the Arawak House of Culture.Rum Punch and Prejudice, the latest production of the New Dimension Theatre is an exciting and fascinating story, adapted and directed for stage by the group’s artistic Director Steve Hyacinth. Based on the numerous requests and by popular demand for a repeat performance, the group has decided to stage the play for one night only on Saturday 16th June at the Arawak House of Culture for its many fans and friends who missed the opening performances in May.Rum Punch and Prejudice is about a white Dominican who spends most of his life in England because as a child he was exposed to a forbidden relationship between his father and a black maid after the death of his mother. He could not forgive his father – the white owner of a large estate and so spent most of his life in England. While in England, he receives an offer to return to Dominica to manage a large estate in place of his dying uncle. What follows is an absorbing, intriguing and gripping story which no one should miss.The play features sixteen talented and experienced Dominicans actors and actresses. Among them are Donille Blackmoore, Jerry Coipel, Giselle Hyacinth, Monelle Alexis, Joseph Fadoul, J. Grimner, Norma Payne St. John, Harry Seally and John Liverpool.Rum Punch and Prejudice will be on at the Arawak House of Culture on Saturday 16th June for one night only at 8:00 pm sharp.Don’t miss it this time.Press Releaselast_img read more

State of emergency declared as bushfire threatens Canberra

first_imgAndrew Barr,Chief Minister for the Australian Capital Territory (ACT), said the decision todeclare the first state of emergency since fatal wildfires in 2003 indicatedthe potential danger over the weekend.  SYDNEY –Australian officials declared a state of emergency for the capital city ofCanberra and surrounding regions on Friday. Melted metal from a vehicle destroyed in the recent bushfires is pictured in Conjola Park, New South Wales, Australia on Jan. 21. REUTERS/LOREN ELLIOTT Australia hasbeen battling bushfires across its east coast that killed 33 people and anestimated one-billion native animals since September. Around 2,500 homes havebeen destroyed as over 11.7-million hectares (117,000 sq. km) have been razed.(Reuters) The state ofemergency will run for 72 hours.last_img

Ripley County Health Department makes Batesville Fire Department donation

first_imgBatesville, In. — The Ripley County Health Department has generously donated 50 “Stop the Bleed” trauma kits to Batesville Fire & Rescue.The kits will be installed in all City of Batesville municipal buildings and vehicles to further our mission of providing the highest levels of public safety services to the citizens of Batesville and the surrounding areas. The bleeding control kits allow bystanders to control life-threatening bleeding and provide immediate care to the injured while awaiting the arrival of professional responders. The kits contain a tourniquet, would-packing materials, training devices and instructions. “We want to equip our city employees with the ability to make a lifesaving difference in case of an emergency,” Fire Chief Todd Schutte said. “This gift from the Ripley County Health Department allows our employees to understand and deploy basic techniques of bleeding control to a citizen or a co-worker before first responders arrive.”Statistics show that uncontrolled bleeding is the number one cause of preventable death from trauma. The greater the number of people who know how to control bleeding in an injured patient, the greater the chances of surviving that injury.The generous donation was made possible by a grant request from the Ripley County Health Department to the Indiana State Department of Health for the trauma kits.The kits will also allow Batesville Fire & Rescue to conduct Stop the Bleed trainings for organizations and schools in the community. If your organization is interested, contact Chief Schutte at (812) 934-2230.last_img read more