Unemployment rate drops to 6.6 percent, 1,000 jobs added

first_imgThe Vermont Department of Labor announced today that the seasonally adjusted unemployment rate for February 2010 was 6.6 percent, down one tenth of a point from the revised January rate and down one tenth of a point from a year ago.“Vermont saw modest job growth across a number of sectors in our labor market in February,” said Patricia Moulton Powden, Commissioner of the Vermont Department of Labor. “While this is promising news, we would need to see this pattern continue to determine that employment recovery has begun in the state.”Seasonal Job GrowthDuring non-recessionary periods this past decade unadjusted job counts have grown an average of 1,200 jobs from January to February. This year we saw an increase of 2,200 or 0.7%, a better than average performance. The annual rate of unadjusted job growth improved to -1.4%. Much of the seasonal job gains came from the Education & Health sector, (900 or 1.5%) the State Government Education sector, (1,400 or 17.8%) and the Local Government Education sector, (600 or 2.4%). These are mostly education support staff returning from their January breaks. We also saw seasonal job gains in Manufacturing, (200 or 0.7%) Leisure & Hospitality, (400 or 1.1%) and Administrative Support & Waste, (250 or 3.2%). The largest seasonal declines were observed in Retail Trade, (-300 or -0.8%) Construction, (-750 or -7.4%) Other Services, (-300 or -3.1%) and Other State Government, (-250 or -2.8%).When seasonally adjusted, February payroll jobs grew by 1,000 jobs or 0.3% over January. This growth was led by the Administrative Support & Waste sector, (400 jobs or 4.7%) Local Government, (300 or 1.0%) Leisure & Hospitality, (200 or 0.6%) Manufacturing, (200 or 0.7%) and the Retail sector, (200 or 0.6%). Seasonally adjusted job losses were observed in the Construction sector, (-200 or -1.6%) and State Government, (-200 or -1.1%).Employment GrowthVermont’s February seasonally adjusted unemployment rate fell one tenth of a point to 6.6% as a result of an increase of 1,500 in the number of employed and a small decline, (-200) in the level of unemployed. For comparison purposes, the US seasonally adjusted unemployment rate for February was 9.7 percent, unchanged from January, 2010.February unemployment rates for Vermont’s 17 labor market areas ranged from 5.1 percent in Hartford to 11.0 percent in Newport. Local labor market area unemployment rates are not seasonally adjusted. For comparison, the February unadjusted unemployment rate for Vermont was 7.1 percent, down four-tenths of a point from January 2010 and down 0.3 points from a year ago.Vermont Labor Force Statistics (Seasonally Adjusted)Changes FromFebruary2010January2010February2009January2010February2009Total Labor Force361,300359,900361,1001,400200Employment337,400335,900337,0001,500400Unemployment23,90024,10024,100-200-200Rate (%)’s labor force, employment and unemployment statistics are produced from a combination of a Statewide survey of households and statistical modeling. The data are produced by the Local Area Unemployment Statistics Program (LAUS) a cooperative program with the US Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics and the Vermont Department of Labor.Vermont Seasonally Adjusted Nonfarm Employment in ThousandsBY NAICSPrelim.RevisedRevisedChange From:% Change From:Feb-10 Jan-10 Feb-09 Jan-10 Feb-09 Jan-10 Feb-09 Total – All Industries297.3296.3301.21.0-3.90.3-1.3Private Industries243.3242.4246.80.9-3.50.4-1.4Construction12.312.514.3-0.2-2.0-1.6-14.0Manufacturing30.630.432.80.2-2.20.7-6.7Durable Goods21.821.523.70.3-1.91.4-8.0Non-Durable Goods8.88.99.1-0.1-0.3-1.1-3.3Trade, Transportation & Utilities54.654.357.00.3-2.40.6-4.2Retail Trade 36.536.338.60.2-2.10.6-5.4Trans., Warehousing & Utilities8. Activities12.512.412. & Business Services21.821.822.20.0-0.40.0-1.8Professional., Scientific & Technical12.712.813.1-0.1-0.8-0.8-3.1Administrative Support & Waste8. & Health Services61.060.959. Ed. Services13.012.813.30.2-0.31.6-2.3Health Care & Social Assistance48.048.146.1-0.11.9-0.24.1Leisure & Hospitality 34.634.432., Entertainment & Recreation3. & Food Services30.930.728. Services9.69.99.6-0.30.0-3.00.0Total Government54.053.954.40.1-0.40.2-0.7State Government17.317.517.9-0.2-0.6-1.1-3.4Local Government30.330. Burlington MSATotal – All Industries109.7109.1112.60.6-2.90.5-2.6Statewide Total – All Industries estimate is seasonally adjusted independently.Note: Beginning January 2009 Vermont is publishing a seasonally adjusted Total-All Industries estimate for theBurlington – S. Burlington MSA.Current Employment Statistics Program (CES). Produced by the Vermont Department of Labor in cooperation with the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics.ESTIMATED NONFARM EMPLOYMENT IN VERMONT(not seasonally adjusted)PRELIMREVISEDREVISEDCHANGES FROM% CHANGES FROMINDUSTRY BY NAICSFeb-10Jan-10Feb-09Jan-10Feb-09Jan-10Feb-09TOTAL NONFARM296,600294,400300,8002,200-4,2000.7%-1.4%TOTAL PRIVATE240,100239,600243,850500-3,7500.2%-1.5%GOODS PRODUCING40,40040,95044,700-550-4,300-1.3%-9.6%MANUFACTURING30,30030,10032,400200-2,1000.7%-6.5%Durable Goods21,75021,35023,500400-1,7501.9%-7.4%Computer & Electrical Equipment Mfg.7,6507,7508,300-100-650-1.3%-7.8%Fabricated Metal Products Mfg.2,3502,3502,4500-1000.0%-4.1%Non-Durable Goods8,5508,7508,900-200-350-2.3%-3.9%Food Mfg.3,8003,9003,850-100-50-2.6%-1.3%CONSTRUCTION9,40010,15011,600-750-2,200-7.4%-19.0%MINING & LOGGING700700700000.0%0.0%SERVICE-PROVIDING256,200253,450256,1002,7501001.1%0.0%TRADE, TRANSPORTATION AND UTILITIES53,35053,50056,100-150-2,750-0.3%-4.9%Wholesale Trade9,8509,6509,7502001002.1%1.0%Retail Trade35,50035,80038,000-300-2,500-0.8%-6.6%Food & Beverage Stores9,85010,1009,800-25050-2.5%0.5%General Merchandise Store2,8002,9002,650-100150-3.4%5.7%Transportation, Warehousing and Utilities8,0008,0508,350-50-350-0.6%-4.2%Utilities1,7001,7001,700000.0%0.0%Transportation & Warehousing6,3006,3506,650-50-350-0.8%-5.3%INFORMATION5,4005,3505,55050-1500.9%-2.7%FINANCIAL ACTIVITIES12,45012,40012,50050-500.4%-0.4%Finance & Insurance9,5009,4509,45050500.5%0.5%Real Estate, Rental & Leasing2,9502,9503,0500-1000.0%-3.3%PROFESSIONAL AND BUSINESS SERVICES20,95020,85021,250100-3000.5%-1.4%Professional, Scientific and Technical12,60012,60013,1000-5000.0%-3.8%Administrative, Support and Waste8,1507,9007,8002503503.2%4.5%EDUCATIONAL AND HEALTH SERVICES61,10060,20059,4509001,6501.5%2.8%Educational Services13,50012,55013,750950-2507.6%-1.8%College, Universities and Professional7,6507,2007,700450-506.3%-0.6%Health Care and Social Assistance47,60047,65045,700-501,900-0.1%4.2%Ambulatory Health Care Services15,80015,80015,60002000.0%1.3%Hospitals12,85012,90012,300-50550-0.4%4.5%Nursing and Residential Care Facilities6,8506,8506,850000.0%0.0%LEISURE AND HOSPITALITY37,05036,65034,8504002,2001.1%6.3%Arts, Entertainment and Recreation3,3503,3003,70050-3501.5%-9.5%Accommodation and Food Services33,70033,35031,1503502,5501.0%8.2%Accommodations16,75016,40013,8503502,9002.1%20.9%Hotels & Motels14,40014,30013,0001001,4000.7%10.8%Food Services and Drinking Places16,95016,95017,3000-3500.0%-2.0%OTHER SERVICES9,4009,7009,450-300-50-3.1%-0.5%GOVERNMENT56,50054,80056,9501,700-4503.1%-0.8%Federal Government6,3506,4506,400-100-50-1.6%-0.8%State Government Education9,2507,8509,3001,400-5017.8%-0.5%Local Government Education25,10024,50024,9006002002.4%0.8%Other State Government8,8009,0509,300-250-500-2.8%-5.4%Other Local Government7,0006,9507,05050-500.7%-0.7%Note: CES PROGRAM DATA ARE PRDUCED IN COOPERATION WITH THE U.S. BUREAU OF LABOR STATISTICSESTIMATES ARE PRELIMINARY AND SUBJECT TO REVISION. SEE ANNUAL SUMMARY FOR DETAILSBeginning with the January ’09 estimates CES has implemented a change to theSuper Sector previously titled “Natural Resources & Mining” to “Mining & Logging”.It’s merely a change of title to better reflect the true makeup of the Super Sector in CES.VERMONT LABOR FORCE AND UNEMPLOYMENTLABOR MARKET AREAS BY RESIDENCE (Not Seasonally Adjusted)February 2010 EstimatesTotalNumberNumberFeb-10Jan-10Feb-09AreaLabor ForceEmployedUnemployedRate (%)Rate (%)Rate (%)Barre-Montpelier29,50027,2002,3007.88.68.2Bennington13,25012,2501,0507.88.09.6Bradford4,9004,40050010.110.010.2Brattleboro24,65023,0501,6006.46.86.4Burlington-South Burlington113,150106,5506,6005.86.46.3Hartford19,80018,8001,0005.15.04.7Manchester12,45011,5509507.67.77.8Middlebury17,85016,4001,4008.08.18.0Morristown-Stowe20,90019,1501,7508.38.58.6Newport14,25012,7001,55011.011.011.9Randolph8,6007,8507508.58.88.7Rutland28,15026,0002,1507.67.87.8Springfield13,30012,3509507.27.47.1St. Johnsbury14,75013,5001,2508.58.88.7Swanton-Enosburg14,30013,0501,2508.79.09.3Warren-Waitsfield4,6004,4002004.44.64.3Woodstock3,4503,2502005.96.15.2Vermont Total360,200334,55025,6507.17.57.4Note: Unemployment rate is calculated as the number of unemployed divided by total labor force and expressed as a percent.Source: Vermont Department of Labor LAUS program in cooperation with the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics Source: VT DOL. 3.26last_img read more

Colombian Armed Forces Neutralize FARC Dissidents

first_imgBy Myriam Ortega/Diálogo May 07, 2018 The Colombian Armed Forces conducted an operation to arrest dissidents among guerrillas who rejected the peace agreement. On March 18, 2018, Joint Task Force Omega (FTCO, in Spanish) conducted Operation Minerva II and neutralized dissidents of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC, in Spanish)—eight men and one woman—in the rural department of Guaviare, in south central Colombia. “Thanks to the intelligence [work] of the Police and the Colombian National Army, we established the presence of the residual Organized Armed Group (GAO, in Spanish) called First Front,” Army Major General Eduardo Enrique Zapateiro, FTCO commander, told Diálogo. “The planning for the operation was done in a limited time frame, but nothing was left to chance.” The intelligence information from different sources indicated several probable sites where the group planned to meet. The 2nd Air Combat Command (CACOM 2, in Spanish), an air component of FTCO located in the south of the country, was tasked with corroborating the intelligence with intelligence and reconnaissance aircraft. “That required that we do an appropriate analysis, a search and analysis of all the information we had—[weather], time of the attack—anticipating that there would be no contingencies with any of the aircraft,” Air Force Colonel Juan Carlos Rueda, CACOM 2 commander, told Diálogo. “This gave us an hour, which was accomplished with precision.” The operation was conducted on time in a jungle region with adverse climatic conditions. “If we had let another hour pass, we could have lost the target,” said Col. Rueda. “The precision of CACOM 2’s bombing, then the air assault and combat, ensured that the entire structure we were after would go down in this operation in the Itilla River, municipality of Calamar,” Minister of Defense Luis Carlos Villegas said in a press release. “Numerous items were seized, war material including rifles, pistols, grenade launchers, radios, and geolocators, in a field mined with 10 explosive devices with 100-pound cylinders.” FARC dissidents “Today, guerrillas who didn’t want to accept the peace process between the Colombian government and FARC constitute the residual GAOs, or the FARC dissidents,” Army General Alberto José Mejía, general commander of the Colombian Military Forces, told the media. “When the peace agreement was signed 16 months ago, there were some 500 members; currently there are around 1,200.” “These residual groups focus on drug trafficking and boosting criminal economies in these areas,” said Gen. Mejía. “Depending on the region, they try to form alliances with the National Liberation Army (ELN, in Spanish), the Gulf Clan, or the Popular Liberation Army (EPL, in Spanish), known as Pelusos or Puntilleros. In other words, they all live off narcotrafficking.” The FARC’s residual groups maintain terrorist strategies they use against the government and the population, but with a smaller number of men. “This made them change their modus operandi, their movements. Many of them operate as civilians. They blend in with the civilian population. Sometimes, they have weapons. Other times, they don’t,” said Col. Rueda. “The modus operandi of these residual GAOs is an irregular context, which forces us to get ahead of them.” Joint Task Force Omega For its internal defense, Colombia counts on a campaign called Victoria Plus—a strategic program of the Military Forces—and the Safe and Peaceful Communities plan from the National Police. “This is the first time in our history that all campaigns [are] military and police,” explained Gen. Mejía. “That means that from the perspective of planning we anticipate unity and integration; this makes it so that, today, we cannot conduct an operation without each other.” In accordance with its strategic plans, FTCO has used the joint doctrine concept with its land, air, and riverine components since its inception in December 2003. “In 15 years, the force obtained striking results as part of its offensive operations and maneuvers,” Maj. Gen. Zapateiro said. “During the first quarter of 2018, FTCO seized 431 kilograms of cocaine and heroin and 4 kg of cocaine paste. It destroyed 14 laboratories for cocaine paste processing and a cocaine hydrochloride laboratory. Within the Persistent Threat System, they carried out four operations [against GAOs] and neutralized 431 improvised explosive devices. Thirteen individuals turned themselves in voluntarily, and 18 were arrested,” he concluded.last_img read more

Lending Perspectives: Will your credit union be a winner or a loser post COVID-19?

first_img continue reading » ShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblr Around the office over the last months, I’ve pontificated on the long-term impacts on the economy, jobs, industries and various companies from COVID-19. One of the terms I’ve used is disruption. There will certainly be lots of jobs lost and companies that go out of business. However, there will certainly be companies and jobs created from how our lives and consumer needs change. What’s uncertain? Whether COVID-19 will have a net positive or negative impact on jobs and how long the disruption will last.If you think about our current economic situation and this disruption long enough, you’ll probably come to the conclusion there will be winners and losers on the other side. As credit unions, we believe with our collective heart that we should all be winners. But we all can’t win. I doubt the pandemic will slow a 30-year trend of credit union consolidation. It should only increase the pace of this change.Over the years I’ve realized I’m a bit of an amateur economist. I come to a better understanding of our economy by trying to observe as much as I can and collecting anecdotal evidence. I’ve observed a few notable things from various businesses I’ve patronized (or tried to) over the last few months; here’s how we can use those observations to help us understand how well each of our credit unions may fare in the foreseeable future!last_img read more

Son of Development Land Tax is a throwback to the bad old days

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Where are they now?

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Shoot aggressive criminals: C. Java governor tells police

first_imgRead also: Cases of recidivism raise concerns about early release policyHe added that it was important that no one took advantage of the pandemic situation to commit crimes.He also suggested the people revive neighborhood watches both in cities and villages.Ganjar denied that crimes that had occurred lately were committed by paroled prison inmates. “Many hoaxes have claimed that crimes were committed by inmates who are part of the assimilation program. It is my duty to provide those inmates with training,” he said.He added that the Central Java administration had created a program dubbed Jogo Tonggo (neighbors look after each other), in which community members collaborate to manage food and security in response to the pandemic. (aly)Topics : Upon receiving complaints from residents about a rise in thefts and robberies during the COVID-19 pandemic, Central Java Governor Ganjar Pranowo has asked the police to take stern action against criminals, including by shooting suspects who attempt to evade arrest.Ganjar said he had coordinated with Central Java Police chief Insp. Gen. Rycko Amelza Dahniel and Diponegoro Military commander Maj. Gen. Mochamad Effendi during a regional leadership meeting (Forkopimda).“The police chief and military commander have said ‘leave security matters to us’. I told them not to hesitate when acting tough on a crime. If the criminal fights back, just shoot them,” he said on Wednesday. last_img read more

Toddler wandering in road leads to drug charges

first_imgNorth Vernon, IN—According to the Jennings County Police Department, yesterday morning, deputies with were dispatched to the area of Bending Willow Way and Wildwood in Country Squire Lakes in reference to finding a two-year-old in the roadway without an adult present. Upon deputies’ arrival, the child was located and officials from the Division of Family and Children were contacted to take custody of the child while deputies searched for the parents.Deputies went knocking door to door seeking information where the child might live. Approximately 3 hours after the initial call, Sheriff Kenny Freeman was able to make contact with an individual that knew where the child belonged. Contact was made with the adults at the residence where the child resided.According to deputies, While speaking to the adults, it was determined that the child’s mother’s boyfriend was supposed to be watching the child when the child left through the back door. Also during the investigation, it was determined that the boyfriend, Eddie Swindall III (age 30 of North Vernon), was in possession of prescription drugs that were not prescribed to him.Eddie Swindall III was taken into custody and transported to the Jennings County Jail on the following charges: possession of controlled substance, neglect of a dependent, violation of legend drug, and possession of paraphernalia.last_img read more

Football News Shah Rukh Khan’s fanboy moment with football superstar Mesut Ozil breaks the internet

first_img For all the Latest Sports News News, Football News News, Download News Nation Android and iOS Mobile Apps. Mesut Ozil retired from international football last year.Mesut Ozil is currently playing for Arsenal in the Premier League.Amine Gulse is a former Miss Turkey. New Delhi: Mesut Ozil is considered one of the best footballers in the world. The German player, who has Turkish roots, played a vital part in Germany winning the 2014 World Cup held in Brazil when they defeated Argentina in the final 1-0 thanks to a goal from Mario Gotze. Ozil has a massive fan following all over the world and it was the turn of Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan to have a fan moment. Writing on his official Twitter handle, Shah Rukh wrote, “What a lovely evening @Arsenal congratulations. Thx @MesutOzil1088 & #AmineGulse for your warmth love & hospitality. See u guys soon in India.” Shah Rukh also posted photos with Ozil and Gulse. The last few months have been torrid for Ozil, who announced his retirement from international football in 2018 following a media outrage and much criticism for having his photograph taken with Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan. Ozil took to Twitter and released an official statement defending his stance over the photograph of him with Turkish President.  highlights “My job is a football player and not a politician, and our meeting was not an endorsement of any policies,” Ozil said in the official statement. Few hours following his statement over the controversial photograph, Ozil said that the treatment he has received from DFB (German Football Association), media, pundits and others “makes me no longer want to wear the German national team shirt.” “I feel unwanted and think what I have achieved since my international debut in 2009 has been forgotten. People with racially discriminative backgrounds should not be allowed to work in the largest football federation in the world that has players from dual-heritage families. Attitudes like theirs simply do not reflect the players they supposedly represent,” Ozil wrote.Things continued to get stormy for Ozil and Germany. Ozil was in the centre of controversy yet again when Germany’s top-selling tabloid Bild reported that Ozil, 30, and his model fiancee Gulse, 25, a former Miss Turkey, personally presented Erdogan in Istanbul with an invitation to their wedding this summer, asking the Turkish leader to appear as the footballer’s witness. The invite immediately drew sharp criticism in Germany, whose government has been sharply at odds with Ankara over a range of human rights questions in recent years.last_img read more

Atletico Revs up Preparation for Clash with Eagles

first_imgNewly crowned Europa Cup champions, Atletico de Madrid, has shifted focus to the planned friendly against Nigeria’s Home-based Eagles on May 22nd at the Godswill Akpabio International Stadium Uyo.MultiChoice, the provider of digital terrestrial television platform, DSTv and GOtv, is responsible for bringing the Spanish outfit to Nigeria for the special visit and to play in the maiden edition of the GOtv MAX Cup.The partnership between the Nigerian Professional Football League and LaLiga has also played a major role in organising the match. LaLiga President, Javier Tebas responded by saying “Once again, LaLiga’s total commitment to fans around the world is evident. This is a historic announcement and we’re very happy to share it with our Nigerian fans. Atletico, one of LaLiga’s most important clubs, will be in Nigeria and will give the local fans out there the opportunity to enjoy the stars close up. Africa, and Nigeria are very important to LaLiga and are also great fans of Spanish football, which we’re very proud of.”LaLiga ambassador, Mutiu Adepoju said: “Multichoice, SuperSport, and GOtv have done well for Nigeria and indeed Nigerian football by bringing Atletico de Madrid here. It shows they are keen on putting Nigeria on the global football map, and they are also providing an opportunity for our players to be noticed by big European clubs.”“The Atletico that will come to play the Eagles will be the first team. They will get ready for the trip to Nigeria immediately after Wednesday night’s Europa League final clash with Marseille. Apart from anybody who may be injured or those who are World Cup bound with their countries, you can expect to see the full team with the technical staff led by Diego Simeone” he added.The fixture will allow Nigerian fans to enjoy an array of some of the stars of the world’s best league up close, and watch one of its most iconic clubs, Atletico de Madrid. Atletico have been one of Europe’s most consistent teams in recent seasons, breaking Barcelona and Real Madrid’s stranglehold on LaLiga by claiming the title in 2013-14. The match is being played under the umbrella of the LaLiga Foundation’s LaLiga World Challenge programme, through which friendlies are organised between LaLiga clubs and local teams all over the globe.Spanish LaLiga outfit Atletico de Madrid, is the newly crowned Europa League champions after claiming a dominant 3-0 display over French side Marseille in Lyon on Wednesday night. Atletico is now the second most successful team in the Europa League with 3 titles, second only to Sevilla with 5 titles since the competition was officially renamed.France forward Antoine Griezmann, who is a doubt for the clash against the home-based Nigerian Super Eagles team due to World Cup preparations, scored twice as Atletico de Madrid swept aside Marseille. Club captain Gabi drilled in the third goal late on as Atletico again lifted the trophy they also won back in 2010 and 2012.Share this:FacebookRedditTwitterPrintPinterestEmailWhatsAppSkypeLinkedInTumblrPocketTelegramlast_img read more

Herald-Cardinal Football

first_imgIn college football, there are games, there are big games and there are games with rivals for which no proper adjectives exist.Last weekend’s Badger victory over Michigan is one of those contests that left me without words, but I will not allow anyone to tell me that it was better than the win over Ohio State two years ago.Other games are hyped solely on the fact that players or coaches are facing former teams.Ty Willingham got his shot against the Irish last weekend, while T.O. took care of some bitter feelings towards the 49ers two weeks ago.For some reason, the Badger Herald/Daily Cardinal football game continues to be one of those rival games, and this year it will combine both of the previously discussed aspects.The political rivalry between the two papers ended long ago, yet the annual game continues to bolster cheap shots, both in print and on the field.In fact, the game’s rivalry seemingly grows more and more each year, as every season a group of D-II Cardinal players make the transfer to the D-I Herald.The added twist to this year’s story, the Herald’s hiring of me … the former head coach of the Cardinal. After leading the D.C. to a victory last year, I bolted quickly for a chance to show my skills on a higher level.Of course, the Herald obeyed league rules, interviewing at least five prospective candidates, before hiring me.I released a statement following my hiring, stating I was sick of eight-page, tabloid-sized papers, having to see a loan officer upon return from road trips, and being unable to cover non-revenue sports.I also did not want to have to work with a guy who apparently slept through history class, thereby failing to realize that women’s suffrage actually happened.When I left, it came as a surprise to many, especially since I was told that there was a very good chance I would be able to move up to a higher position within the organization.But to tell you the truth, I was sick of towing the company line, and I knew that even if it essentially became “my company,” it would never actually feel that way. Besides, who wouldn’t take the chance to take the step up to the big leagues?A fine question indeed, although the Cardinal’s new coach may not feel the same way.He’d rather stay in the minor leagues where everyone realizes that he’s “Born to Mack.” We all saw his “macking” skills last year when he said women shouldn’t be allowed to play basketball at the SERF. I saw, and you can imagine, how his inbox flooded with e-mails from the ladies after that one — and it wasn’t to ask him out.A few of us even got to see him sheepishly turn down a chance to be a manager for the women’s basketball team when given the challenge.Maybe it was a good call, it gave him more time to think of a column to write every week. Wait … I’m kidding myself again, he’s already had to resort to reading the rival’s paper and writing a counter-argument to one of its columns. So much for original ideas.Of course, coming over to the new squad not only gave me a better opportunity — I didn’t want to have to deal with letting work overtake my college obligations or have to drop loads of my own money just trying to make the coverage look good — but I also have a scouting report.Well, sort of anyways. I know what some of their players, the ones who actually work there, are capable of. But I suppose I don’t know much about the other half of the team — the “players” they had come into their office for one night just so they could be used as “staff” for the football game.They claim that these players are copy editors. For those of you who are actually still reading this, they are called copy editors because they edit the stories for grammatical errors and style issues, and they have their athletically gifted friends copy edit one night.I’m hoping that it was the “ringer” copy editors on duty when articles in the publication claimed that Brian Calhoun transferred from Colorado State, the Badgers had “a drive of 96 yards that ended on the 50 yard line” and Michigan completed a pass “at 9:03 p.m. in the final quarter.”Of course any sports editor should probably catch such falsehoods.Then again, mistakes happen … I mean, I worked at the Cardinal for three years.The important thing is that everything got sorted out. I’ll be on the right side of the field this year, playing with people who I actually work with in a no-lose situation. I mean, if, in some freak accident, we lose to the D.C. ringers, our sports coverage will still blow them out of the water.last_img read more